February 04, 2007

SU party

Well, I'm back. I was a good girl and stuck to my list shopping list, buying only ONE background stamp, 'Weathered' (I've been calling it crackle ... whatever), the stamp pads, and white and ivory CS. I feel like a drug dealer though; my friend who has JUST discovered stamping, thanks in part to moi, spent 200.00!!! Well good for her (and the hostess!). We made two cards and a little thank you with it's own envelope. One of the cards was the dryer sheet technique and O*M*G - did you know you can buy spray on glue?! I have been using white glue to make my dryer sheet cards and it's a pain in the butt (hi, Karie) to get it smooth. I'm going to buy me some of that spray glue - it's fantastic!


Anonymous said...

Dryer sheets...pain in the butt...I know all about that!!! TEE HEEE!!! Did you get to spend enough at your Su party for the free sell-a-bration sets???? Hope so. Which one did you pick?

Birdbrain said...

Did I spend enough? Give your head a shake, girl! I went armed with a list and spent just over the 75.00 required to get a "FREE" stamp set. I do have self control sometimes. Anyhoo ... I chose the 'Big Blossom' - one of the other women at the party said her daughter has stamped it with the kiss techniue and I can't wait to try it.

Anonymous said...

$75.00??? OMG...we only have to spend $50 here in the states! I can't wait to go to my party this month. I haven't decided on what stamp to get free. Hummm, have to think about that one!