February 02, 2007

??? RAK

This RAK is going in the mail as soon as I finish this post. Teehee. It will stay in North America because I'm never sure of overseas postage and have to take the card into the PO. The stamp was an ebay find, but the vendor does have an e-store in BC. (http://www.localkingrubberstamp.com/
They're unmounted so postage is cheap. I have used this stamp with this sentiment before but it just seems so right to me. The psychodelic background paper was on Mindy 'tard table' (as my kids named all mark down ares).
Oh, and please lavish admiration upon my tablecloth (featured in many of my photos). It was a Frenchy's (or, as I like to say, Francois') find. For those not in the know, Frenchy's is a chain of used clothing stores and EVERYBODY shops there.


Anonymous said...

I love this card! Great job. I really like the stamp. Ummm, the table cloth...well, now I know what it would feel like if I were stoned! Hee heee.

Birdbrain said...

Well now! I never thought of it that way. Would you believe I bought alcohol inks to match the tablecloth because I like the pattern so much? It reminds me of marble.

manicstamper said...

I lurrrrrrrrve your tablecloth:-)
The card is fab and I think the sentiment is perfect with the image.

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your very kind comment.


Flower said...

Haven't been in here in days I've missed some awesomes cards! (and a cool table cloth too!! Will you give me directions to Frenchy's?? Maybe I can be a somebody too, when I'm in town! Just three weeks away!!)

Can't make a girly card HUH??

Birdbrain said...

You SO have to visit Francois' when you're here (can't wait!).