February 04, 2007

First Trip to Mike's

My first trip to Michael's! Most everything is overpriced but there sure is a lot of it. I picked up (and by that I mean paid for) some pretty ribbon, a regular price stamp for the February 'girly girl' swap on ink-stains and three of the 1.50 stamps (I think they're a dollar in the U.S. Mike's). I tried to buy a Cuttlebug at 40% off but the sales associate said no, because it was a Cricut product. Well, it's made by the same company but it's not the same as a Cricut. If my husband hadn't been with me I would have demanded to see the manager because I know Kim (and others) went through this and did get it at the discount. But DH gets embarrassed at confrontations so I let it slide. I posted my tale of woe on ink-stains and the upshot is that Kim called the manager and tuned him good! LOL! Go, Kim! AND ... AND ... AND ... she is going to go to Mike's and pick one up (and by that I mean pay for) for me today. I can't believe it's so easy to get 40% off something just by asking at the check out! The girly girl stamp was only 11.24 with the discount.

I can hardly wait to actually get my hands on the Critter. Get this. The EMPTY boxes are on display but the actual Bugs are in a LOCKED CASE! I know they aren't huge but it must take some fancy finagling to walk out with one under your coat.

My fingers are dyslexic this morning.

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Anonymous said...

It's really not that hard to walk out with one under your coat. I've...oh, wait...better not give too much away!

HAAAA, JUST KIDDING! I've never tired! Too chicken, which is funny, cuz I hate birds!

Go Kim! She so ROCKS! Now, get on that girly card. I want to see it!