February 08, 2007

Birthday Card

This is for my brother's birthday next week (Yikes! I better get it in the mail!). Ahahahaha - he'll ALWAYS be two years older than I am.
I found these stamps in a dollar store. Can you believe it? The party hat is an Anita's Art Stamp but I can't make out the mark on the other wood block. It is marked Labrador Retriever so it's perfect.
My brother's lab is black and my first attempt was to color the dog but it just didn't work. To get the intense black meant the shading on the image was lost, and coloring it lightly with the Prismas just made for a grey lab. I don't think so. I finally settled on the crisp black and white for the dog and went nuts with the hat, using neon gel pens and Stickles. I used the masking technique to get the dog in the party mood. LOL!
I put confetti in the card - my sister-in-law is gonna love me ...


Gillian Hamilton said...

Oh your dollar stores are sooooo much better than our 2 dollar stores.. what a great find.. that puppy is lubbly!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww, now itsn't this a sweet card! I have a bulldog stamp that I need to use...you have inspired me Robin! LOL.

Oh, and I'd kick your butt for the confetti too! ROFLMAO!

Passionforstamping said...

Hey I haven't found stamps like this at our dollar stores!

He's gonna love this card, I'm sure. I certainly do!

Birdbrain said...

Dianne - The stamps were in a small basket and there couldn't have been more than twenty of them, mostly duplicates. Probably discontinued stock from somewhere. I think I just lucked out. I've never seen stamps in any other dollar store; this was a Great Canadian Dollar Store.