February 11, 2007

Buy, buy, buy!

Forgot to mention ... my Bellas arrived the other day! I am the proud owner of Grumpabella (of course!) and Billybootabella, along with the umbrella. I see there are new images since I ordered mine. Drat! I would have ordered more. Maybe later. Now I need to concentrate on cards for Kim's Bella swap.
I am waiting for a cute baby romper stamp purchased on ebay and an order from
'Addicted to' had their progressive sale on again and I snarfed some great buys at 60% off! I didn't dare wait another day for the additional ten per cent. One of the stamps was purchased with Kim's next 'I am Woman' swap in mind. Read that Kim? LOL!
I also bought two SU background stamps (Plaid and On Safari) from Mindy at a greatly reduced price. She is selling much of her personal collection. Now I need wild animal stamps to go with the Safari background. Oh, what a vicious cycle!
Finally, I really NEED my SU order! All I have in the way of white and ivory cardstock is scraps. Hurry SU!


Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, if you want more SU stuff, tell me and I can get it for you MUCH cheaper! I heard how much the Canadian version of the stamps are. OMG. Our most expensive stamp in the book is 34.95. I will order for you, if you pay by pay-pal and then I can also ship to you...probably a lot cheaper! Something to think about!

Birdbrain said...

Hmmm ... I will keep that in mind, for sure. Thanks!

Kim said...

Hmmm....I think I am going to have to post another I am Woman swap! lol...We can't let your stamp go to waste, plus I got some fab new women stamps!!! Be on the lookout!