July 05, 2008


No offerings lately. I wasn't in the mood and have learned from experience it is a bad idea to do any kind of crafting if not in the mood. Now I am wanting to make cards but life keeps getting in the way. LOL! Summertime, and the living is easy? NOT! There is a huge lawn and a huge garden to be dealt with. Even with a ride on mower the lawn takes a lot of time and the weeds in the garden are unbelievable this year. I think it's because the last two years were bad garden years (I had some bad plantar fasciitis and was quite useless ) and the weeds got the upper hand (lower root?).
New stuff soon I hope . . . though most of the family will be here next week: daughter, son-in-law, their three kiddies; son and girlfriend; brother, sister-in-law, niece. Thank goodness most of them sleep at Mom and Dad's! DS and GF will stay here. Now that we have more, and better, bedding we might have to put up extras. What were we thinking?

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