July 03, 2007

I'm back to my card 'routine' and most evenings I am in my happy place creating. The top card is an anniversary card for friends married the same year DH and I were (1975). The butterfly was made in Kim's masterboard class and the background is stamped patterned paper.
The dog (picked that stamp out of a bin at the dollar store!) is a fun birthday card for a friend - the fireworks are embossed with sparkle glitter but it doesn't show up very well.
I'm in a rut with my laugh stamp. LOL. I seem to do that a lot, using a particular stamp on a series of cards. I sent an order to Stamping Zoo, and one to Hambo Stamps so I'll have more word stamps to work with in the future.


Anonymous said...

That's it girl...keep coming up with ideas for me to use on the blossom! LOL

I love all 3 of these cards! I gotta find me some of that mirror paper!

Birdbrain said...

Thank you ma'am! Mindy sells the paper and it's nice and heavy. Does SU have it?

Michelle said...

Great cards Robin. I love that firework/dog card so much. You are so creative :)

Anonymous said...

Nope. SU does not have the mirror paper. In fact, it's pretty hard to find anywhere around here! Maybe I need to order some from Mindy.