January 31, 2007


I won this stamp on ebay last year and have been avoiding it ever since. LOL. I just wasn't sure what to do with it; my previous attemps fell flat and ended up in the recycling box - not even good enough to be called a RAT. I think I can live with this - it's done with Prismacolors and I distressed the edges a bit with a nail file.


MezzoKat said...

Robin, you should've entered my swap and sent images of that stamp to see what someone else would've come up with! Maybe I'll do another mingle just for you! :-)))

Birdbrain said...

Kathleen, I did join in your mingle. I'm waiting for my images.

Sharon said...

I think this is more an RAK, than RAT. Would love to receive this. I think you did a fine job, Robin.

Anonymous said...

Birdie...this is one beautiful card. This is one bird I'm not scared of! LOL.

Very nice!

Flower said...

This is GORGEOUS!!! You've done it proud, seriously! I have to go back and look at it some more. lol

So weird; I just made a scrapbook card last night and I ripped the corner to expose a sentiment too. Great minds, huh? (well mediocre minds, at least, right??!)

Birdbrain said...

"Great minds think alike and fools never differ" is the way I heard it. LOL