January 27, 2009


Not, um, er, ah . . . but I finally reorganized my unmounted stamps (UMs). I had been storinng them in CD cases but they were 'out of sight, out of mind'. It's pretty hard to ignore the binder now! I bought these, and a D-ring binder, some page protectors and tabs and here is the finished effort. It took about a week all together, simply because I didn't do it all at once.
While I was at it I counted them and I have 290, give or take. Some of those are single word stamps.
I have lots more sheets so . . . but I'll probably need another binder if I use them all.


CREATE=FUN said...

looks good. i would be scared to count all my stamps. I'd rather not know lol

1 Crafty Gal said...

Ohhhh, that looks wonderful Robin!!! What a cute hippo image too! LOL!

Michelle said...

A very creative way to store your UM's. I can't imagine how long that took you. Some of those would be a beast to unmount :/

Flower said...

This is perfect! Now I can see which stamps I'd like images of! lmao! We can start with the waving hippo and I'll wait for you to take pics of the rest of your binder!

Sharon said...

Great job Robin! I found the storage board system works for me too!