February 13, 2010


My turn this time! And I have confession to make. I am a hoarder. Who isn't? I recently reorganized my PP because the case it was in had a broken zipper. My solution was a tote with hanging files. Seems to work well. Anyhoo . . . I realized I had SOOOOO much paper that wasn't being used and it was time. So I posted the challenge on Inkstainers to use something - anything you've been hoarding.

The top card (I apologize for the fuzzy pic) uses some of the origami paper I have been hoarding and put me in the mood for more iris folding.

The middle card used some of the gorgeous paper I found in an art supply store. It's a CASE of one Marilyn sent.

The bottom card is a CASE of one of Sandie's cards. It used some SU paper I bought on sale.

The best part is that I still have tons of hoarded goodies!

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