May 11, 2007


OK! Except for a few minor things in the basement area, the restoration is done. Hoo and ray! I am going to wait just a bit longer to put my craft supplies back where they belong - give the paint a chance to dry and cure really well.
Photo #1: Like the floor? It will be so much easier to keep clean than the carpet and is so much more practical. I can't seem to get a picture to show the color of the walls just right but this is close.
Photo#2: New vanity/top/taps and the old medicine cabinet which I refinished. The color on the walls is somewhere between the ligher blue and the darker blue reflected in the mirror.
Photo#3: The beautiful pine doors and, for all the world to see, a bit of the toilet!
Photo#4: I was trying to capture the wall colors again. You can see a bit of the tile in the bathroom, too.
Photo#5: Just another bathroom pic - use your imagination to feel the blue.
The overall effect with the blue and green is calming and pretty much what I wanted. I'm looking into storage for the closets and we will, before too long (hopefully), have doors on the closets. That's our responsibility because there weren't doors there before the flood. A new blind at the window and I'm good to go!
If anybody really cares, go to and you can see the actual colors; Whipple Blue in the bathroom, Hazy Blue in the bed/craft room (it's not blue at all, is it?), and Caribbean Mist on the bathroom ceiling and the painted portion of the medicine cabinet.


Michelle said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors you chose!! That was fast.

Flower said...

WOo Hoo! It's done!!! And it looks fabulous! (though, I think they put the Carribean blue color on the walls in the craft room...ain't blue. lol)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, how beautiful!!! Robin, this is just sooo nice. Well, I'm off to see how I can flood my basement now! Oh wait...DH does restoration work...that means nothing will get done. NUTS! Love it girl. I'm so happy for you!

Mary-Beth said...

Looks wonderful Robin. You must be happy to have it done finally!