April 29, 2007


Seven things about me (that you really don't need to know):

1) I need space.
2) My left eyelid droops a bit and is accentuated in photos, hence my reason for not liking to be photographed.
3) I was accepted at university after high school but didn't go because my (then) boyfriend didn't want me to. The boyfriend is long gone (he was abusive) and I don't regret not going. I might do it yet!
4) I am cool in a crisis. When it's over I fall to pieces.
5) I can doctor other people's gruesome injuries but faint if the blood is mine.
6) I alphabetize my spices and all the coats in the hall closet have to be facing the same way.
7) I have had stitches in my foot, knee, abdomen, wrist, gums, eyelid, face and back of the head.

Now ... anybody reading this is tagged. Do it!


Gillian Hamilton said...

you alphabetize your spices....
oh well at least you know where your parsley is I guess....LOL!

great read hun! :o)

Anonymous said...

Ummm, the spices, well...hummm, that does indeed explain a whole lot about you! LOL I finally can get onto blogs and even update mine! WOO HOO. Now I have to figure out how to upload my pictures to actually put pictures on the blog. hee hee. One thing at a time I guess!

Flower said...

A little OCD going on here? LOL Ahhh, but weze luv ya anywho. Where are the cards, Ma'am??

Mrs. Osgood said...

Yup, a bit of OCD (there's more than what I've mentioned here). The cards? *sigh* A distant memory ...