March 21, 2007


Tomorrow! The restoration starts tomorrow. It will be the boring stuff at first, insulation, plywood, sheetrock; then the fun stuff! We're going to choose a new vanity tomorrow and, at our own expense, a new top and taps. DH says there is no point putting the old stuff back on a new vanity. What else? Hmmm ... flooring! No carpet, thank you very much - I'm going for tile or wood. There will be a paint color to choose but OMG, I wish there were only two colors to pick from because I take forever to make up my mind. DH says 'white'. I don't think so.

I bough a new Shop-Vac today, and a new power nozzle for the vacuum - couldn't fit a compressor in the car. Other BIG thing to pick out will be a bed/mattress and computer desk AND ... because computer desks are not designed to accommodate honking big monitors (like mine - five hundred pounds and extends six feet in the back) I'm buying a new flat panel monitor because I still have money left from Christmas. YAY!


Anonymous said...

Boring? You call sheetrock boring?'re trying to kill my DH aren't you! LOL I can't have to take pictures of the work in progress!!!! YIPPEE!!!!

Birdbrain said...

Pictures will be posted. Sorry, but sheetrock IS boring.

Flower said...

Ok, I've tried to be patient...but holy jezzus can you finish up already?! I am dying to see it all done! (like you aren't, huh? lol)

oh, BTW, let me know the brand of taps you plan to buy and I'll tell you if they are known to break and cause floods!!